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H8C Load Cell

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H8C Load Cell

Zemic H8C Load Cell

Camaweigh offers Zemic H8C Load Cell as one of the types of load cells produced by Zemic. This type of load cell is a shear beam load cell built to withstand the ingression of liquids. This makes the Zemic H8C load cell perfect for use in different applications like automotive, industrial, and especially in the medical field. Many hospital beds are equipped with this type of load cell.

Load Cell Features

Built Material

  • The Zemic H8C is made of nickel-plated alloy steel. Steel alloy has the ability to bend. 

  • This improves the load cell's hardness, durability, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

  •  Jet engines, nuclear plants, and spacecraft use alloy steel.


  • The Zemic H8C load cell is available in OIML R60 C3, OIML R60 C4, and OIML R60 C5. 

  • High-accuracy load cells are C3, C4, and C5. C3, C4, and C5 Accuracy Class load cells are used for mixing sand and cement.

Maximum Capacity

  • H8C load cells can compress up to 10t. Overload is limited.

Safe overload

  • The H8C load cell can safely handle 150% of its maximum load. 

  • Exceeding 150% may deform the load cell.

Ultimate Overload

  • Maximum overload is 300% of capacity. 

  • Over 300 percent causes load cell deformation and inaccurate measurements.

Common Problems

  • Mount load cells correctly. Improperly mounted load cells will give inaccurate readings. 

  • Overloading weighing devices can cause permanent load cell deformation. 

  • Deformed load cells prevent calibration.

  •  Electrical damage is another load cell problem. Electrical currents damage load cell resistors.

 At Camaweigh, we offer the best load cells Contact Us for a free quote.

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