Multi-functional Big Font LCD Indicator

Multi-functional Big Font LCD Indicator

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Multi-functional Big Font LCD Indicator

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Multi-functional Big Font LCD Indicator

A multi-functional big font LCD indicator includes a flat-panel display that uses light-modulating properties to display the result. In liquid-crystal display (LCD), the liquid crystals do not emit light directly, rather than take the backlight to supply the image. This digital display indicator has varied features as well as functions, their brief description is given below:


  • It has peaked, value hold function
  • It can calculate the weight of animals too as it has an animal weighing function
  • External serial port printing function
  • Unit switch function(kg/lb/pcs)
  • Preset tare function
  • High-low limits alarm function
  • Auto power-off function
  • Precision auto-zoom 10-magnification function


 The multi-functional big font LCD indicator, needed the AC of 100~240V & the frequency range required of 50~60Hz, which except AC adapter. The DC that is acquired by this machine is in range of 4~6 V & exactly its value is 5V. Here the selection of using reversible batteries is being provided, to avoid certain situations where direct electricity isn't being provided to run the machine. Or the usage of dry batteries is also one choice, 4pcs of alkaline batteries each of 3A or NIMH.

Operating Temperature Range

 The temperature range required by this LCD indicator is -10 °C~40 °C.

Input-Signal Range

 The range of input signals required is from -19mV~19mV.


  • Multifunctional 1.6 inch LCD display
  • Manual accumulation and automatic accumulation.
  • The alarm function is present to indicate the high & low limits.
  • HIGH-OK-LOW status indication.
  • Four grades battery indication.
  • Auto-sleep and multiple energy-saving modes.
  • The multiple grades backlight setting can be done easily to adjust the brightness.
  • It has a standard RS232 communication interface.

Load Cell Connection Mode

 A load cell could be an electrical device that works on the phenomenon of changing mechanical force into measurable electrical output. Load cell plays a significant role in weighing machines too. It's possible to connect a 1~4 350Ω load cell.

Min Input-Voltage

 The minimum voltage which is required to run a machine is 1μV.

More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Operating temperature range -10 °C~40 °C
Power AC 100~240V;50~60Hz (AC adapter) DC 4~6 V(optional: rechargeable battery or 4pcs 3A dry batteries)
Power supply DC 5V
Division 1/2/5/10/20/50(selectable)
Baud rate 600
Distance of transportation ≤200
Max division 30000
Nonlinear ≤0.0015%
Signal output method serial output, current loop signal
Conversion rate ≤80 times/sec
Min input-voltage 1μV
Precision grade 3 grades
Input-signal range -19mV~19mV
Load cell connection mode able to connect 1~4 350Ω load cell
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