Camaweigh's Double Scissor lift table- 4000kg

4000 Kg Double Scissor Lift Table

Single Scissor Lift Table

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Single Scissor Lift Table

Single Scissor Lift Table

These tables are used as platforms on which machinery can be carried. The lift table comes with an anti-pinch scissor design and a detachable lifting eye that helps to lift the table for installation. The surface of these tables is dealt with stoving varnish and when a good pump station is used it makes the scissor lift table and then falls with stability.

Lift Time

 While carrying out the weighing, the user must know the basic lifting time of the table which is set for each table. In this case, the lift time is 30~35.

Size of frame

 The measured size of the frame on the single scissor lift table given is 1580x640.

Features of the Lift Table

  • During the working, it provides a safe clearance between scissors to avoid any damage that might happen.
  • These lifts have a high anti-corrosion function. Corrosion is the process in which a metal is damaged due to a chemical or electrochemical reaction. These lifts have a high quality to avoid it for a good amount of time.
  • The heavy-duty cylinder of this lift table has a drainage system and also keeps track of the valve( a device that controls the path of any fluid or air with a pipe) for stopping the lift table from lowering in case of hose burst.
  • In the pinroll area of the table, it has a self-lubricating design which keeps it efficient to work much longer.
  • The table is set up to American standard ANSI/ ASME and European standard EN 1570.
  • As the structure of the table is made, under its platform it is furnished with aluminum alloy blend-stop.
  • The single scissor lift table has a compact body making it much easier to work with and to maintain.
  • These have a pressure relief valve that prevents overload operation because of which, when the flow is controlled the speed also gets adjustable.


More Information
Lifting time 30~35
Motor 1.1
Size of Frame 1580×640
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