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LPG Filling Scale

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LPG Filling Scale

LPG Filling Scale

The LPG filling scale is highly used by many gas agencies. When there is a need to fill or refill the cylinder this scale comes in demand of many. This scale is built with the mechanism of checking the accurate gas that needs to be filled. It also checks that there is any gas leakage or the weight of the cylinder after filling the gas.


Platform Size

The platform size of this product is 2200 X 1200. This is the actual size of the platform where you need to place the cylinder to measure all the required credentials of the cylinder and also the amount of LPG you need to fill in.


The maximum capacity of this product is 150kg~300kg. The weight it can bear must be in the defined range.


The division of this LPG filling scale is 50g/100g.


It uses lithium battery power. This battery has the intrinsically safe explosion-proof battery.

 Properties Of This Product

  • It supports a quantitative filling.
  • When the specified range is reached then it will automatically cut off the gas filling in the cylinder.
  • It has a friendly keyboard for easy operation, has one key operation & a large LCD screen display.
  • It has easy and convenient, one key setting feature.
  • It uses a safe, reliable & explosion-proof battery.
  • The feature of the bar code scanning of gas cylinders is also present. It refuses to fill a substandard gas cylinder.
  • It has a function to refuse to fill the bottle which is lower than the lower limit bottles and which fills to the upper limit(to prevent accidental overloading).
  • On its real-time monitor, it shows the filling details, check the filling amount, and check filling data of important customers.
  • Automatic tare of the filling gun, and bottle weight filling operation convenient
  • Wireless data transmission optional.
More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Capacity 150kg~300kg
Division 50g/100g
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