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Plastic 4 lines Small Junction Box

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Junction Box-JBP-4-S

Plastic 4 Lines Small Junction Box


Camaweigh also offers junction boxes which can be used in conjunction with other weighing equipment. Junction boxes are used to connect multiple connections at a single meeting point or junction. Camaweigh’s plastic 4 lines small junction box is designed to accommodate up to 4 load cell connections at once. Aside from the JBP-4-S, Camaweigh also offer other models with higher connection capacities.

Product Built

Camaweigh’s plastic 4 lines small junction box is built with a rugged plastic housing. This junction box is very easy to assemble and light weight. It is also durable enough and can’t be damaged or dented easily. The rugged plastic housing can protect the connection circuit from outside elements. The JBP-4-S junction box has an international standard rating of IP68. Being given this rating, it means that it is built to withstand dirt, dust, sand, and others of the like from entering. This 4-lines junction box is also submergible in water. It can be placed up to 1.5 meters underwater and withstand water from damaging the circuits. Also, it is moisture proof and lightning proof because it is made from plastic. The JBP-4-S junction box can is as tough as the stainless steel versions. It has a dimension of 175mm * 65mm * 40mm, which is smallest of the 4-lines junction box model in the stainless steel variant offered by Camaweigh. It has 4 input terminals and 1 output terminal.


Camaweigh’s plastic 4 lines small junction box is equipped with a surge protection feature which prevents sudden rise in electrical current from damaging the electronic components. The JBP-4-S junction box has an operating temperature of -20°C ~+ 85°C. Junction boxes are essential in creating an efficient weighing system. They are also called as Summing Boxes because they are used to sum up weights of different load cells.

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Model JBP-4-S
Battery Type 4 Lines
Housing Material Plastic
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