2-20t Digital Crane Scale CW-SL

2-20t Digital Crane Scale CW-SL

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1-15t Digital Crane Scale CW-SH

Digital Crane Scale CW-S|1- 20Ton

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Digital Crane Scales-OCS-S

Digital Crane Scale 1- 20T(CW-S)

Crane scales are used to gauge the weight and force of a crane under load. It can be difficult to accurately weigh heavy and bulky industrial loads. Digital crane scales improve efficiency and speed when lifting objects with unknown weights. Camaweigh offers 1-20t digital crane scale CW-S. It is used for industrial purposes. It has the capacity to measure weights from 1 ton to 20 tons.

Crane Scale Features

Full Rotational Capability

  • Camaweigh's 1-20t digital crane scale CW-S has a 360°-rotating hook. 

  • This feature allows safe weighing without breaking the cable line during sudden rotation.

Gravity Regulation Function

  • Camaweigh's CW-S crane scales have a gravity regulation function that prevents gravity acceleration from affecting the weight reading.

Product Built

  • Aluminum housing protects the CW-S crane scale and makes it easy to transport.

Wide-range functionality

  • 1-20t digital crane scale CW-S offers multiple measurement units. 

  • Output units are Kg and lb. Instant unit conversions are available.

  •  Auto zero tracking, Total (sum of series of weights), and weight recording are also possible. 

  • Its maximum load capacity is 20 tons.


  • This CW-S crane scale has battery-saving features for longer life. 

  • Automatic Off turns off the crane scale after a period of inactivity. 

  • It has a low-battery indicator.

Digital Display

  • LED display makes reading the Camaweigh CW-S crane scale easy. 

  • This 5-digit 20-ton crane scale is accurate. 

  • It has a 3- and 5-inch wireless display.

Wireless Capability

  • Wireless functionality is a key feature of this 20-ton crane scale.

  •  A 15-meter remote controls it.

Safety Features

  • CW-S crane scales can be controlled wirelessly from a safe distance when weighing heavy items. 

  • The crane scale has an overload warning system that alerts the user when the weight exceeds 20 tons.

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