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Three scissor lift table

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Another kind of lifting table for keeping heavy stuff is the three scissor lift tables. The stretch of these tables goes further higher than the single and double scissor lift table. There are 2 models given for these lift tables which are HT1000 and HT2000. These come with a removable lifting eye which makes lifting the table and installing it much easier, in addition to this, it has a safe clearance between its scissors to avoid any damage to occur while working.

Heights: When noting down the heights of these scissors 2 different heights are measured. One is the full height of the whole table itself and the other one is its platform height. The self height for HT1000 is 470mm and HT2000 is 560mm. On the other hand, the platform size for both of these models is 3000mm.

Load Capacity: The load capacity of a lift table is described as the amount of load or stress a table can put on either in a normal condition or even in specific circumstances. The unit of load capacity is kg. The value for the types is 1000 kg and 2000kg for HT1000 and HT2000 respectively.

Lifting Time: The lifting time for the 2 models of three scissor lift table is 35-45 seconds for HT1000 and 50-60 seconds for HT2000. Users must know that the lifting time is the value of how long does the table takes to uplift a material.

Voltage: The voltage of an object can be explained as the better is the flow of voltage better will be the passing of electrical current. It is the difference between the charges of two points. Although in the case of the scissor lift tables they depend on the local standards of the area and cannot always be a permanent value.

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Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
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