Logistic Scales Indicator

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Logistic Scales

Logistic Scales Indicator

             The logistic scale indicator is used to assure that the amount of goods that are placing on any transporting vehicle is not more than the weight that it should carry. It's a perfect solution for random weight checking of pre-packed cartons or packs containing manually counted products.

Logistics is one and the foremost important departments in your business responsible for receiving shipments, process deliveries to your purchasers, and handling everyday company correspondence and package shipments.

Features of These Scales


 The capacity of this logistic scale indicator is 150kg. It can bear & measure the maximum weight of 150 kg.

Load Cell

 A load cell could be an electrical device that works on the phenomenon of changing mechanical force into measurable electrical output. Load cell plays a significant role in weighing machines too. In these scale indicators, a 200kg aluminum load cell is being used.

Dimensions (mm)

This logistic scale indicator is of dimensions 300x400mm. It has a flat area to place goods of any kind that need to measure before any kind of delivery.

Material Used

 The material which is used to make these logistic scales used to be hard & rigid. It should be of a kind that doesn’t get affected by atmospheric changes nor do it by dust and water. That’s the reason this product is made of stainless steel. It has all the required & mandatory properties which are required by such scales. This material is durable and uses for a long period.


 Wheels are present for the easy movement of products from one place to another. It supports delivering any cartons from manufacturing to delivering area & from receiving area to business firm too.
You can get many different choices, for this particular scale:

  • Mild steel Indicator, LED
  • Plastic indicator led

Stainless steel indicators.       

More Information
Capacity 150kg
Load Cell 200kg Aluminum load cell
Dimensions(mm) 300x400mm
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