Standard BMI Scale

Standard BMI Scale

Camaweigh's BMI machine with BP, BF% & BT

BMI Scale with Blood pressure, Body Fat Composition and Body Temperature

BMI Scale with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

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BMI Scales -DHM-15B

BMI Scale with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

The BMI scale with blood pressure and heart rate is capable of measuring many aspects such as body weight, height, blood pressure, it is also capable of checking an individual's heartbeat, voice broadcasting, etc. It displays all the measured results on the LED display panel. This machine warmly becomes the best choice in various hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, MEC, and many other places. The standard language in which all the results are displayed is English. This ultrasonic electronic body scale is controlled by a microcomputer, which measures the results after inserting a coin into it. It guarantees a perfect after-sales services, makes the machine the best choice in different places.

Working Voltage

 The machine runs on the current, which has a particular requirement of the current range. The AC which is required to run this machine should have a voltage range of 100 – 240V & the frequency from 50/60 Hz.

Height Range

 The height range of this BMI scale is 80-200 cm. It is used to calculate the height & weight of any individual. It is designed to envision the weight of a person as per his or her height.

Weight Range

 The weight range lies between 1-500 kg. The weight of this product is 44 Kg.

Packing details

 The single piece of this BMI scale with blood pressure and heart rate, is packed in two different cartons, one is of dimension 178*40*22cm & the weight of this is 21kg & the other has the dimension of 68*42*45cm & its weight is 26 kg.

Features :

  • Important ultrasonic detector
  • It has weighing sensors
  • BMI scale with blood pressure and heart rate helps to measure height, weight, body blood pressure.
  • Works after inserting coins
  • Calculate BMI automatically
  • Maintain temperature
  • Has a perfect self-checking system
  • Come up with the digital LED display, where time, date and temperature are made to display

The measuring results are being shown by the thermal printer.

More Information
Model DHM-15B
Height range 80-200 cm 0.5cm
Packing Details 178*40*22cm 21kg 68*42*45cm 26 kg 2 cartons/piece
Weight range 1-500 kg 0.5kg
Weight(g) 44KG
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