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BMI Scale with Blood Pressure, Body Fat Composition, Body Temperature and Oxygen Saturation

Regular Weigh Scale

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BMI Scales -DHM-3

Regular Weigh Scale

The regular weighing scale is used to measure the weight of any person, your language or any heavy substance, whose wait you want to know. This product is made of durable iron, which can corrode easily by coming in contact with moisture. The low chance of corrosion exceeds its life span & one can use this product for a longer period.

Weight Range

 The range of weight of this weighing scale is 1-500 kg in the division of 0.5kg & the approximate weight of this machine is 27 kg.


 The dimension of the regular weigh scale is 34cm * 58cm * 125cm. This gives an approximate adjustment of the product’s physical appearance.

Main Functions      

  • Its main function is to measure the weight of the substances, that will be placed on it.
  • This is a coin-operated machine. This means it will calculate & display the output after inserting a coin into the machine.
  • The voice broadcast and result display are the features on these scales.
  • Regular weigh scale is connected with the computer through the wired interface that is Rs232 interface.
  • The languages in which voice broadcast or result display is performed are: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian.


 The output can be visualized in different languages like English, Arabic, French, followed by Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Italian.

Packing Details

 The product is packed in a single carton which has the dimensions of 127*42*35cm & the weight of that carton is 28kg.


 To run this machine the electric current is required. The AC of the voltage range of 110V – 220V is the mandatory requirement. The frequency range of this product is 50/60 Hz.

More Information
Model DHM-3
Height range NO
Packing Details 127*42*35cm 28kg 1 carton/piece
Weight range 1-500 kg 0.5kg
Weight(g) 27KG
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