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2000 kg Three-scissor-lift-table

800 kg Four-scissor-lift-table

800 kg Four-scissor-lift-table

Four scissor lift table

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The four scissor lift table comes in 2 model choices namely, HF400 and HF800. To lift and move any object these tables can go up to a good height. These have a decent pump station so that the table can be lifted and then can also come down with stability. The lift tables also have a high anti-corrosion function. In case an individual is looking for its standard voltage, these don’t have a set value for it and the flow of charge varies as per the area’s local standard.

Net Weight and Self Height: The net weight of an object is how much it weighs. Since there are 2 models of these lift tables, the weight of HF400 is 800 kg and for HF800 it is 858kg. The height of the tables for HF400 and HF800 is 600 and 706mm respectively.

Base and Platform Size: The size of this lift table is measured in mm. There is the size of its base which is 1600X1000mm for HF400 and 1606X1010mm for HF800 along with it, the size of the platform in which the material is lifted is 1700X1000mm for both HF400 and HF800.

Lifting Time: The average amount of time taken by a lifting table to uplift is explained as its lifting time. For the 2 types of four scissor lift table, the time is 30-40s in HF400 and 70-80 in HF800.

Load Capacity: The load capacity which is calculated in kilograms for the models HF400 and HF800 is 400kg and 800kg. The model names are given based on the amount of stress it can carry.

Platform Height: Just like there are different measurements for the size of the base and the size of the platform, it also has a measure of the height of the platform of the given lift table which is 4140mm and 4210mm.

More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Working Voltage as per your local standard
Lifting time 70-80s
Lowed Platform Height 4210mm
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