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18X 3 - U-Shaped Weighbridge (Economic Version)

18X 3 - U-Shaped Weighbridge (Economic Version)

18 X 3 - Concrete Weighbridge

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18 X 3 - Concrete Weighbridge

13x8 – Concrete Weighbridge


Aside from portable weighing scales and single, double, triple axle weighing scales, Camaweigh also offers fixed and portable weighbridges. These operate just like the other weighing scales but instead of having different platform for each axle, they weigh trucks and vehicles as a whole. Camaweigh Concrete Weighbridge platforms are made from concrete and are designed to be installed in low depth pits or above the ground. The concrete weighbridges have antirust and anticorrosion, epoxy painted surfaces. They are waterproof and can also handle other weather conditions. It has a steel net structure which helps the 30cm thick concrete platform intact. The only downside with being installed in pits is that water can seep through, but Camaweigh’s concrete weighbridges are made seal tight.

Camaweigh concrete weighbridges can be used efficiently when determining the weight of a truck’s load. It has a dimension of 18m * 3m. The truck will be weighed when the truck has no load and when it has load. The difference between the weights will result to the weight of the load being carried by the truck. It has maximum capacity of 80 tons and has 6 structure beams to support the concrete weighbridge. The concrete weighbridge makes use of Camaweigh load cells. The high quality load cells make it possible to measure vehicles with extreme accuracy. The concrete weighbridges can be customized depending on the size of vehicles to be weighed. The loads cells which they use have overload protection with a safe overload of 150%.

The connecting cable of the concrete weighbridge to the scale indicator has a strong layer of protection which protects it from accidental damages. Since it has to be able to carry the weight of whole trucks, they are made with heavy duty materials. Camaweigh’s concrete weighbridge’s 30 cm is made from high quality cement which doesn’t crack with the continuous pressure applied by large vehicles and trucks.


More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Size 3x18m
Capacity 80 ton
Card surface Anti rust and anti corrosion epoxy zinc painting
Safe overload 150%
Structure beam number 6 pcs
Structure Steel net
Concrete pour level 30CM
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