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Weighing Scale-Double Axle

Double Axle Weighing Scale


Axle weighing scales are used to weigh almost all kinds of vehicles. Camaweigh gives you the option to choose from either single axle weighing scale, double-axle weighing scale, or their triple-axle weighing scale. Each one of these axle weighing scales can be used depending on the vehicle to be weighed. Unlike other weighing equipment, axle weighing scales are designed to be embedded on the ground or surface where the vehicles are to be weighed. This saves a lot of space considering their large sizes. 

Axle weighing scales also come in portable versions which are not embedded on the ground but can be carried or transported to the desired location. Portable axle weighing scales are mostly used by the police department in order detect overloaded vehicles. Common portable axle weighing scales have a ramp design in order to help load the vehicles.  Overloaded vehicles can cause extreme damages to bridges, highways, and small streets. Every bridge and streets have different vehicle weight limits which should be strictly followed. Camaweigh axle weighing scales require less calibration. They are made from mild steel material which can carry intended heavy loads. The double axle weighing scales have a maximum load capacity of up to 35 tons. It makes use of HQS load cells which transfer the measured weight to a weight indicator.

Double axle weighing scales are used to measure the weight of double wheel axle vehicles. It has a dimension of 3.2m * 1.5m. It is made up of 2 weighing platforms which weigh both axles. All of Camaweigh’s weighing scales come with a portable weighing scale indicator. The M6 axle scale indicator from Camaweigh is enclosed in a durable travel casing which can be transported along with the axle weighing scale. The axle scale indicators can also be used to calibrate the weighing scales. It can be connected to Microsoft Windows enabled computers and Bluetooth devices when transferring data. When using either double axle weighing scales or triple axle weighing scales, the axle scale indicator adds the weights of each axle.  

More Information
Model Double Axle
Capacity 35t
Load Cell HQS load cell
Dimensions(mm) 3.2x1.5m
Indicator M6 indicator
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