A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular or pedestrian access through a controlled point. They help regulate the entry of vehicles and unauthorized personnel in parking lot, as well as hotel, exhibition center, office building, hospitals, airports, shopping mall etc. Which is why companies should consider investing in boom gates to secure their premises.

Before buying a boom barrier there are things you need to consider:

Where will you be installing it?

How will you operate the boom gate?

What will be the Frequency of operation?

What is your budget?

Here are the reasons you should consider our Boom barriers

  1. We offer Variety in:

a)        Color- Our boom barriers come in various optical housing colors; Yellow, orange, white, red and blue are all available

b)        Arm direction - The arm can move both leftward and rightward. If you also prefer unidirectional, they are also available.

c)        Straight / folding arm/ fence barrier- We have varieties to suit your requirements. Both folded arm barrier and straight arm are available.

Folding gate arms allow arms to be used in limited height applications such as the inside of a garage.

Fence barrier Gates  perfect for use in agricultural, commercial, or residential applications


                 Straight Arm Barrier                                        Folding Gate Barrier                                 Fence Barrier gate

d)       Open/close time- With our boom barrier, you can choose 0.6/ 1.2 / 3 / 5 sec which can be programmed according to your needs.

e)      Size – We supply boom gates with different size poles depending on the size of the opening that you wish to control. Typically boom arms will be from three to six meters in length. We also supply longer sized boom gates based on your requirements especially when companies have oversized vehicles such as heavy trucks.

  1. Automated - Our boom barriers are automated. Which has the following pros:

n  Reduced operation cost. - Going for an automatic boom gate is always good as you can get few advanced features by installing them. Automatic barriers can be controlled without using any manual effort.

Hiring a security guard to protect a property and control access is the option that many people pick, but it is not economical. Anyone who needs to limit the number of individuals who can access certain areas can use an automatic barrier gate instead of security guards.

n  Safety- Has Anti-collision mechanisms that will protect the boom arm when collided with by a vehicle. This is enabled by the anti-hit by pressure resistance bounce.

n  24/7 security- After the initial installation, running and maintaining your gate will not cost much, and it will protect restricted areas 24 hours a day.


  1. Amazing Features – Our boom gates come with battery backup, high opening speeds and solar power compatibility. Boom barriers can be fitted with important security devices, such as PE safety beams, loop detectors, flashing safety lights and radio controls are also available.
  1. Quality is unsurpassed - Equipped with unique knowledge and well-established supplier networks, we ensure that our clients obtain high quality products and for the best value.

The supplier may use lesser quality materials to lower down their costs so that they can offer cheaper selling price to attract buyers. But these low-quality barrier gates commonly have higher problem rates but here at camaweigh we do due diligence with quality assurance and inspection hence ensuring that we have the highest quality boom barriers available in the market at the best price. This will guarantee minimal maintenance costs as the boom barriers are well durable.

Our boom barrier arms are made of aluminium alloy- This will go a long way towards ensuring the long-term smooth operation of your barrier. They are stronger than the cheap plastic ones which tend to become brittle over time when exposed to direct sunlight and are not maintained regularly. The aluminium requires little or no maintenance, more importantly, this combinationwon’t require expensive repairs down the line when the guarantee has long expired. We ensure value for your money.

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