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Straight Arm Barrier

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Straight Arm barriers

A type of barrier gate is typically installed at the entrance with an access reader to restrict unauthorized vehicles. Camaweigh makes high-quality automatic boom barrier systems. Boom barrier gates are very affordable. The boom barrier's high quality reduces maintenance costs, making it cost-effective.

Features of our boom barriers

The boom barrier features below to make our straight arm barriers suitable for any geological location:

Straight Arm barriers color

There are various options for the optical housing color of the automatic straight arm boom barrier which include yellow, orange, white, red, and blue, and can be customized.

Boom Arm direction

The boom barrier gate's arm can move in either direction. You can also choose unidirectionally.

Open/close time

With our boom barrier, you can choose 0.6/ 1.2/ 3/5 sec according to your needs.

Boom gate size

We supply boom gates with different size poles depending on the opening you want to control. Boom barrier arms are 3 to 6 meters long. We have longer ones. This is especially important for companies with large trucks.

Boom gate accessories

Our boom gates have battery backup, high opening speeds, and solar power. PE safety beams, loop detectors, flashing safety lights, and radio controls can be added to boom barriers. 

Boom Barrier Strength

Aluminum alloy boom barrier arms ensure long-term smooth operation. They're stronger than cheap plastic ones, which become brittle in direct sunlight if not maintained. The aluminum requires little or no maintenance This combination won't need expensive repairs after the warranty expires. We ensure value for money.

Anti-collision mechanism

The boom barrier gate is automated to avoid damage once the vehicles collide with each vehicle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

To learn more about boom barriers, and if you're interested in purchasing one, contact us!                                                    

More Information
Size 340*275*1020MM
Arm Aluminium alloy
Body Cold-rolled plate
Packing Details Wooden Case (Plywood) for Barrier Gate (1 Gate/Case) / Wooden Case (Plywood) for Barrier Arms (10 pcs/Case)
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